About Veronica

About Veronica

Hello my name is Veronica, I’m a stay at home mom and I LOVE IT! I have an obsession with Pinterest, all things girlie, decorating and I enjoy cooking for my husband (Jeff) and my two wonderful boys (Josh and Liam).  From an early age I have always wanted to have unique things. While most girls wore jeans I always had to mix thing up a bit and put on a dress, draw on my jeans or wear something different from the norm. Like most people I never wanted to show up at a party with the same outfit as someone else. Likewise, with my home I never wanted the same cookie cutter home. My artwork and furniture had to have a distinct stamp. I was one of kind so should my home be.

When I started to create art I wanted artwork that reflected my clients individuality. It should be a statement piece that possess class and show the clients has taste that is a cut above. The artwork should elevate your home to another level. Not scream Homesense and Walmart, mass produced.

My goal is to provided original artwork at an affordable price so everyone can have that one thing in there home that distinguishes them from the masses. I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear from you.

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