Umbrella - Orginal Watercolor painting

Color, color, color enhance any room with this bright vibrant painting.

Perfect as a focal point for any room. On high quality watercolor paper, umbrella is a great addition for any collection.

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Ruby Red Poppies

Poppies always a favorite, Perfect for a focal point over your fireplace mantle or as a centerpiece in your dining room. Original acrylic painting on canvas.

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Beach Glass

Beach Glass

Many of my pieces contain beach glass I have written a little blurb on what beach glass is.
Beach Glass is found on beaches along oceans, bays, rivers or large lakes. They are pieces of glass that have been tumbled and smoothed by the waves, water and sand, creating smooth, frosted peices of glass.

The color of beach glass is determined by its original source. Most beach glass comes from bottles, but they can also come from jars, plates, windows, and windshields.


Hand painted with coffee

One of my favorite things to do is to use recycled objects in my art.This painting came about after my husband left sludge in the coffee machine. This is an original hand painted on watercolor paper.

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African women

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