Salt Techenque and Zentangle Art

Salt Techenque and Zentangle Art

Salt Technique and Zentangle Art

As an artist I find there are so many things I want to try. I found out about Zentangle while at work. During my walks through the call centre each day.   I walked by a certain rep whom in between phone calls her head  would be down.  One day I asked to see what she was doing. At first I assumed it was doodling then she educated  me on the difference between Zentangle and Doodling.  I forgot about  Zentangle for years . Now that doodling is so popular it prompted my memory. I decided it was time to give it a try.  

What is the difference between Zentangle and doodling

Zentangle is a repetitive patterns, it’s also well thought out. Doodling requires no thought you go with the flow. The artist draws whatever come to mine.


I thought a colored background would have more of an impact instead of the usual black and white background that most of the Zentangle I found on the internet had. The back ground was created by using a salt technique in which you add salt to the paint then leaving it to dry.
Large grains of sea salt create more of a dramatic effect. Once dry remove the salt. The background was then ready to create what ever master piece you want. If you have no drawing skills trace the outline of a shoe then have at it.
I love the rich gold of the background.  Since this  was my first time I used simple patterns.

Check out the video link for full tutorial.

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